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Financial Astrology

Financial astrology (also known as business astrologyeconomic astrology, and/or astro-economics) is a pseudoscientific practice of relating the movements of celestial bodies to events in financial markets. The use of astrology in financial markets is not consistent with standard economic or financial theory.

As with astrology in general, predictions are vague and hard dates are rarely given. Long term predictions are made based on patterns relative to astronomical events. Critics have pointed out that some astrological events that have been used in predictions occur so rarely that they may have never happened before within a human lifetime, thus having no precedent on which to predict results.

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What Is Astrology Trading?

Astrology trading is based on the principle that the financial markets are affected by planetary movements and lunar cycles. Predicting these effects may assist different types of traders in determining which stocks to trade and when to trade them. While this may sound a bit too esoteric for many, there have, in fact, been studies conducted by leading financial authorities which have correlated market movement with astrological data.

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