Manual Of Astrology


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  • Published-Date: 1910
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Published in 1898, Sepharial revised and enlarged the book in 1903. After his death in 1929, the publisher added delineations for Pluto, which was discovered in 1930. This book has long been a classic.

In Four Books:

Book 1, The Language of the Heavens, introduces the Zodiac, the planets, the houses, and aspects. Many of the delineations deal directly with the ascendant, including delineations of the decanates, which are 10 degree slices of the signs.

Book 2, The Reading of a Horoscope, delineates the natal chart for specific traits, among them, Physical Constitution, Physical Infirmities, Mental Qualities, Financial Fortune, Rank or Position, Marriage, Children, Friends and Enemies, Sympathy and Antipathy, etc.

Book 3, The Measure of Time, introduces the Prenatal Epoch, which is to say, the moment of conception. This was Sepharial s unique invention. The book continues with Primary and Secondary Directions.

Book 4, Hindu Astrology, explains the Tropical and Sidereal zodiacs, Nakshatras, Planetary Periods and sub-periods (Vimshottari dasas), and the houses and aspects in Hindu astrology.