Planetary Harmonics of Speculative Markets


  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 235
  • Published-Date: 1990


Planetary Harmonics of Speculative Markets provides absolutely phenomenal trend change dates, applies George Bayer’s Secrets of Forecasting Prices to financial markets, proves the validity of planetary harmonics, and illustrates hidden Fibonacci ratios.

Larry Pesavento takes his study in the art of astro-finance, as taught in Astro-Cycles to the next logical level by the introduction of the Gartley “222” Entry Technique, “Moon Void of Course”, and “The Nature of the Market”. He includes a wealth of charted examples that provide “absolutely phenomenal” trend change dates with an explanation of the planetary and lunar, movements that precipitated these events. Other topics included are: Planetary Declinations and Retrogrades, hidden Fibonacci relationships, intertwined with lessons in attitude, money management, and discipline. Applies George Bayer’s principles to financial markets; proves the validity of planetary harmonics; shows results from thousands of hours of computer research by the author. Deals with human aspects of discipline, flexibility, and intuition.