Relativistic Cosmology


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  • Published-Date: 1980
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Since the first French edition of the book emphasized rather the solid facts of Cosmology than the detailed discussions of controversial results, relatively few revisions were necessary for the English edition. They were made early in 1979 and affected about 5% of the text. The main revisions referred to the distance scale, the dlstribution of galaxies, the X-ray observations of clusters, the cosmic time evolution of quasars and radiogalaxies and the 3 K radiation.

A new short bibliography presents the recent articles and the latest proceedings of Symposia; from these the reader can easily trace a more complete list of referĀ­ ences. I am happy to thank Professor Beiglbock for suggestions he made to improve Part lIon Spaces of Constant Curvature, and Drs. S. and J. Mitton for translating the manuscript into English. I also thank with pleasure Marie-Ange Sevin for correcting the final version.

J. Heidmann March 1980, Meudon, France Preface The aim of this book is to present the fundamentals of cosmology. Its subject is the study of the universe on a grand scale: – on a grand distance scale, since from the start, we shall be escaping the conĀ­ fines of our own Galaxy to explore space as far as the limits of the observable universe, some ten thousand million light years away; – and on a grand time scale, as we shall look back into the past to the very first moments of the initial expansion, about twelve thousand million years ago.