Tree of Life: Introduction to the Cabala


  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 199
  • Published-Date: 1991


The Cabalistic Tree of Life has been with us for more than two thousand years. This book brings the Tree into the 20th century and sheds light on its modern interpretation. Introduction to the Cabala is a lucid exposition of the Cabala, the hidden inner teaching of Jewish mysticism. Outlined in general principles, Halevi gives practical examples that relate to the present time and how the Tree functions in the ordinary as well as the metaphysical world. Halevi traces Cabalistic history from ancient and medieval periods to the present, so he can explain the metaphysical background of the Tree, and gradually reveal its principles and interacting symmetry. The latter half of the book is concerned with the application of the material to actual living experience. The final section is devoted to a detailed study of our spiritual aims and possibilities.